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Come celebrate the beauty of a live dance performance!


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Students have the opportunity to participate in three unique performances opportunities each year. Students in our Shoreline Ballet Student Company perform at the Clinton Town Hall, in a selection of original works by Shoreline Ballet faculty.

Ballet students in Level 2 and above perform in January at the Clinton Town Hall, in our "Winter Wonderland" performance. Each year audiences are charmed by our Winter themed dances and the performances givers our students an opportunity to be showcased mid-way through their year.  

Our end of the year production incorporates all of the dance techniques offered at Shoreline Ballet. This performance involves all students beginning with our Pre-Primary students through our Level 7 students. This is not your typical “recital” and we pride ourselves on the high level of professional performance quality. With elaborate sets, costumes, choreography and attention to detail all Shoreline Ballet students are given specific roles and are  incorporated throughout the ballet. It truly is a one of a kind experience. 


"The outfits are great!" 

"I'm enjoying this more than I did the Nutcracker in Boston!"

"They are so imaginative with the sets. Everything is so creative."

"That was the best production so far"

“Congrats on another incredible year and production. It was so incredible.”

“It was so professional! I love the way you transition the little people in and out to make them part of the show. We are so grateful our daughter can be a part of something so beautiful and a ballet company that is so wonderful all around.” 

“Kate just loves going to the practice and loved being a. part of the shows. She was so happy all weekend.”

“My family and I are still floored by the performances this past weekend.  "This is not your typical recital” is what I kept hearing from veteran parents at the studio.  Now I totally understand why people have been telling me that!  Congratulations on all your hard work in pulling off an amazing show.  It was truly magical and a delight to the senses.  Most of all I was so happy for the older students who had a chance to shine on stage after these past couple of years.  The shared emotions from the students and yourself was incredible, It made me cry!”

“Thank you, Eva loved being a part of something so special.”

“Thank you sooo much for an amazing weekend this production was nothing like we’ve ever seen simply wonderful!! Huge thank you to you and your daughter Sophia for being patient with our energetic free spirt each week! “

“Beautiful production.  Clever, whimsical, aesthetically delightful from beginning to end. Congratulations to you, your staff and your students!”

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