Suzannah's journey in the world of ballet began at the age of 5 when she embarked on her ballet training with the Fredrick School of Classical Ballet in Maryland. Her passion for dance only continued to grow, and at the age of 7, she relocated to Pennsylvania, where she found a new home at the Light of Life Performing Arts. For 11 years, Suzannah grew her skills under the Royal Academy of Dance curriculum.

In 2013, Suzannah took the next step in her ballet career by sharing her knowledge and love for the art form as an instructor at Light of Life Performing Arts. She continued to inspire young dancers until 2021, when she embarked on a new chapter in her life, moving to New England and starting her journey as a wife to her husband, Ben.

The year 2022 brought a beautiful addition to her family-a baby ballerino who has already taken his first steps in the world of dance.

Suzannah's commitment to ballet goes beyond the studio. She is currently in her second season with the Open Sky Arts Collective, where she is able to dedicate time to reaching out to underserved communities, spreading the joy of ballet to those who need it most.

Suzannah is beyond thrilled to be part of the teaching team at Shoreline Ballet and is eager to share her boundless energy, unyielding passion, and creative spirit with all the young learners who come her way.

Shoreline Ballet instructor

Suzzanah Osberger


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